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Sarah Bauer, Herten, German Blogger of Lonelyroadlover and photographer at krokographie


I’m Sarah, 27, living in Germany. I love rough asphalt, endless horizons and other traveler’s stories. Dreams, courage, hopes. Departures and outbreaks. My own ones and the ones of strangers I met on the road. Between breathtaking nature, bustling cities and the surprising ways of life.


Come with me and meet people who went half-around the planet to find their luck, who live with kids and pets in a camper van and who threw their old lives away to live their dreams. Follow me and my adventures live while I’m traveling on my own and find by the way the most beautiful road trips of the world. I want to inspire you and encourage you to go out and truly live. To make you think about your fears and possibilities and to do the only thing that really counts in life: Living.

"Nobody can tell you exactly about the meaning of life, but one thing is for sure, It’s not being the richest guy on the cemetery."

Sarah Bauer, Herten, German Blogger of Lonelyroadlover and photographer at krokographie

I try to travel as much and diverse as possible since almost 10 years. From a road trip across Ireland to a hike on top of a Volcano on the Canary Islands: Since 2009 I’m on-again-off-again traveling in Europe. In 2017, I achieved my childhood dream by traveling the USA alone by car for 4 months on a huge, fantastic and crazy road trip. Shortly thereafter I crossed Japan by train.


Am I a millionaire or a travel guide? Neither. Surprise: Most of the time I’ve worked in the public sector so far. I studied journalism and public relations, and I was usually working in fixed-term work contracts for different offices. It offered me financial security as well as some room for my adventures. At the beginning of 2018 I started my own business as a freelance copywriter and photography artist by jumping in at the deep end.


When I’m at home I try to avoid consumption and spending tons of money for crap. I don’t care a lot about stuff. So over the past years I’ve become kind of minimalist – and I don’t miss a thing.


And now let’s go and listen to stories that only can be told around campfires.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

Stories, Road Trips, Wanderlust! Inspirierende Geschichten von Reisenden und dem Leben "on the road". Ein Blog, der dich ermutigt, rauszugehen und zu leben. ♥

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