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Sarah Bauer, Herten, German Blogger of Lonelyroadlover and photographer at krokographie

My name is Sarah, I am 28 years young, living in Germany and I sometimes have the feeling that I have already lived the life of a 70-year-old. I love to put an end to my dreams by making them real. I danced over volcanic craters, forgot my flashlight in one of the darkest places in the world, wanted to buy stamps in a ghost town and traded my fear of death for my thirst for adventure. The exchange rate was quite okay. But it's like with cheese in the sun: the longer you wait, the more shite it gets.


Here I tell stories about my crazy life as a digital nomad, travel fetishist and tiny house owner. You'll also find adventures of people I meet on the road. Sometimes it gets pathetic, sometimes ironic and actually always exciting and very honest. There are insider tips and tips for idiots and a bunch of nice photos because I can't stop escalating with my camera even in a thunderstorm.


I want you to reconsider your fears and your possibilities. In a way that you start to forget to include the word "someday" in your wishes. Because that makes the substance of your life crumbly like old biscuits. And nobody likes old biscuits. There's only one really important thing in life. Living.

"Nobody can tell you exactly about the meaning of life, but one thing is for sure, It’s not being the richest guy on the cemetery."

Sarah Bauer, Herten, German Blogger of Lonelyroadlover and photographer at krokographie

Since ten years I am traveling as much as possible. Many times in Europe - from a road trip through the fog of Ireland to the sunset at the border to Africa. In 2017 I fulfilled my life's dream and traveled the entire USA for four months all by myself - 7.500 miles through high mountains and deserts, along coasts, geysers and huge metropolises. My adventures and experiences there go far beyond a movie evening with all eight parts of "Harry Potter". Shortly thereafter I travelled across Japan by train and was on the roads of Southern Europe for almost a whole summer.

Since 2018 I have found my second home and soulmate in the mountains of Wyoming and try to spend about half of the year in the USA.

So did I rob Scottland Yard or secretly work as a tour guide? Not really. I have spent part of my working life in the public sector on fixed-term contracts. But with my trip to the USA I followed my heart so far that there was no turning back. Once you have jumped off, you will notice that the rope is still swinging, even if you try to hold on to it firmly again.


Since 2018 I have a particularly nice boss - myself. I founded my own company and work as a freelance copywriter and photo designer. My office is my notebook and when I get the wanderlust, I pack it up and go. Since 2019 I have a business partner. Britta, my Sister in Crime. Together we are frei getextet.


The more I travel, the less I need. On the road and at home. Some time ago, I ripped open my closets and threw away three-quarters of all things. Possession has become insignificant to me. Since 2019 I live in a tiny house with tomatoes in the garden and some lose screws.
For me, happiness is not in great things and objects, but in experiences. It's on the edge of all the paths you walk - and sometimes a little bit on the edge of madness.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."


Ehrliche Reise- und Lebensgeschichten mit einem scharfen Schuss Humor. Ein Blog, der dir in den Hintern tritt, damit du rausgehst und lebst. ♥

Honest life and travel stories flavored with hot spices of black humor. A blog that kicks your ass so you go out and live your damn life. ♥


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