Adventure Trip USA · 2021

Wyoming · Montana · Utah · Arizona · New Mexico · Colorado

September 19, 2021

Backpacking in the Wilderness: Moose and Thunder.

I always wanted to go camping for real. In the mountains. In the wilderness. With a fat backpack that makes me look like a female version of Sir Edmund Hillery on Everest. With a small gas stove cooking under the stars, listening to an owl hooting eerily in the nearby forest .So, this fall, my boyfriend and I decided it was time to stock up on some good quality camping gear and head out into the Wyoming wilderness.

But backpacking in the wild north of the Rocky Mountains is no picnic trip to the City Park. I have this revelation the moment we walk the first few feet into the National Forest, with our backpacks weighing over 25 pounds, and a squirrel jumps out from behind a dead tree trunk with a throaty chitter. Ahead of us are seven and a half miles of pathway, an elevation change of 2,000 feet, and a cold night by a lake. With moose, food in a tree, and lightning on the mountain.

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