Love Trip USA · 2019

September 7, 2019

Lost on a Mountain - How we were almost completely Fucked Up.

Mountain climbing, dangerous paths

I gaze and smile into the camera with my pilot sunglasses on my nose. The sky is bright blue and the sun reflects in the glasses. Who could have known that just a few hours later I was hanging in a steep wall with no hold, while the blood was running from my boyfriend's legs?

Sometimes all cinematic impossibilities come together and a high-flying adventure suddenly turns into a blatant disaster. The crucial moment is when you realize the difference but can't make it undone. The moment you turn around for the first time and realize that there is nothing between you and the 1300 feet deep ground with the small green river.

August 3, 2019

5 Magic Moments in Wyoming and Montana.

My eyes are burning and I have a frenetic aversion against writing one more line into my silly travel diary. In the past weeks we have done and seen so many outstanding things that I have hardly come to write them down anywhere. Therefore, here comes now a "Best of" of the most beautiful and extraordinary five experiences from dancing in the snow to a wet butt on a river rafting tour to gigantic outdoor art in the mountains and a super-lovely visit from friends in Germany.

July 5, 2019

Call of the Mountains - The wild Desire for Climbing Rocks.

Mountain Climbing, Experiences, USA travel, mountaineers

Wind tears the blaring silence apart like a velvet curtain on the stage in complete darkness. Dry grass bends over in the invisible air currents until it touches the dusty ground. These are the only sounds on that evening, just before the golden hour, before the sun disappears behind the black edges of the rocks. Sure?
My eyes are fixing the mountain range - and the mountains seem to look back. I feel something like a second heartbeat inside me. The call of the mountains. With the intensity of an electric shock. Here comes the attempt to explain the fascination of mountain hiking.

June 15, 2019

LSD for the Eyes: The Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone.

Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone, Morning Glory Pool

"Holy Shit Moly!" I shout gallantly and in discrete megaphone volume across the hills. There is steam and hissing everywhere. Small bubbles rise out of a yellow pond in front of me. Like someone spilled freaking hot Fanta by accident.
I'm in the Upper Geyser Basin of the Yellowstone National Park.
Between the tops of the Rocky Mountains lays the largest concentration of geysers in the world. Some erupt at a definable time, many are unpredictable. But basically it doesn't matter, because the sheer rainbow splendor of their existence lets my camera lens crack and gives me the feeling of having an LSD trip on Mars.

June 2, 2019

Wildchild – What we Miss when we don't go Out.

naturelover, nature blogger
My wet and cold fingers cling to the black roots. My lungs are burning, my ankle hurts.
"You've got dirt on your face," my boyfriend shouts from above, while a few rust-red stones crash 30 feet deep into the gorge.
Instead of being in such trouble, I could sit in the warmth and watch TV series in which someone runs through a forest with blood in his face. But my problem has always been that I wanted to be that "someone" myself.
There is nothing more honest and absolute than jumping into nature with one's heart. To find ourselves again. The child in us. And maybe even our true destiny.

May 19, 2019

Road Trip New Mexico - About Wind chimes, Love and Stars.

I stumble down the grey stairs at the airport of Billings, Montana, with burning eyes. I just survived 29 hours in three aircrafts with light-year-long overlays at whatever-airports. Then I see someone with a strange sign. Saying "Smokin' hot German woman". I am wide awake within a second. Only one person can write such nonsense. My boyfriend.
We settle down in an old motel for a few hours and then drive off the next day - 1,200 miles down to New Mexico. Where the wind chimes sound like stars, the desert blooms and the sky sinks into infinity.


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