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"How can you travel all the time?" A mystery at least as exciting as the disappearance of MH17. Perhaps I have inherited a bunch of money, found gold in the groundwater or simply have some loose screws? The truth is that one day I filled out a form for tax registration in order to throw it into the mailbox of the tax office. Founding a company in Germany. It's euphoria riding tricycle on cocaine.

Since then all I need to earn money is my laptop and WiFi.

This is an honest report. Of how I manage to work next to traveling for six months a year.

The neon light of the gas station gleams in total darkness. A wall of black clouds slides over the sky on the horizon and an intergalactic lightning illuminates the loneliness of the desert for the blink of a second. We're in Green River, Utah. Just a stone's throw from Arches National Park. We have to get up at five o'clock tomorrow to watch a romantic sunrise. Life can be hard. This is the story of a fieryred rock gate, canyons that look like goose necks, and a fantastic road trip with my miraculous doppelganger.

After four months in the woods of Wyoming, the shrill and crowded metropolis crashes into the iceberg like the Titanic. I am the iceberg. I'm standing at LAX Airport like Gretel, wrapped in a cloud of smog between roaring horns and yelling homo sapiens, by trying to find some breadcrumbs that give me a clue of how to find the subway. I have no idea yet that I will be fighting my way to my Airbnb across the entire city in two trains and three buses for the next three hours. By meeting almost everyone from rail security to a drug dealer. Hello, Los Angeles!

The sky is bright blue and the sun reflects in the glasses. Who could have known that just a few hours later I was hanging in a steep wall with no hold, while the blood was running from my boyfriend's legs?

Sometimes all cinematic impossibilities come together and a high-flying adventure turns into a blatant disaster. The crucial moment is when you realize the difference but can't make it undone. The moment you turn around for the first time and realize that there is nothing between you and the 1300 feet deep ground with the small green river.

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In 2017 I fulfilled my life's dream and travelled solo across the US for four months. From New York to Chicago, down the entire Route 66, through several national parks. Los Angeles, San Francisco and finally across the wild North back to the East Coast. I laughed, danced, cried and saw the craziest and most beautiful things. Here comes my little diary.

My wet and cold fingers cling to the black roots. My lungs are burning, my ankle hurts.
"You've got dirt on your face," my boyfriend shouts from above. Instead of being in such trouble, I could sit in the warmth and watch TV series in which someone runs through a forest with blood in his face. But my problem has always been that I wanted to be that "someone" myself.
There is nothing more honest  than jumping into nature with one's heart. To find ourselves again. The child in us. And maybe even our true destiny.

I have to brake hard. I have a truck behind me. Who doesn't seem to care much about the stopping cars. I can barely see anything. But I do think a lot. Please don't let it be over! When I get home, I start to think about that incident again. Why I was so scared. About The End. After all, we all have to die. But not now. Two years later, I close my eyes at the abyss of the deep red canyon. What if. I smile and a deep peace is filling me. Not now? Not anymore. How I lost my fear of death.

It's January 1, 2018. I don't have a job, nothing works out and I feel like shit. Today is December 31, 2018. I have my own company, I have traveled for 11 weeks, broke up with my long-standing relationship, I have moved, I have found my soulmate. And only a few days before Christmas I bought a tiny home, into which I will move in early 2019. My euphoria-level is close to LSD. Who could have know that!?


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