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"Of course, you will still have to paint the front some day" says the owner of the tiny home on the day of my first viewing.

"Yeah," I reply laxly.
Shortly thereafter I have a new big project and construction site. Here comes Mission Painting the Outdoor Facade! With a crooked ladder, etching paint and the unconditional will to transform my Tiny House optically into a true American Cabin!

I have to brake hard. I have a truck behind me. Who doesn't seem to care much about the stopping cars. I can barely see anything. But I do think a lot. Please don't let it be over! When I get home, I start to think about that incident again. Why I was so scared. About The End. After all, we all have to die. But not now. Two years later, I close my eyes at the abyss of the deep red canyon. What if. I smile and a deep peace is filling me. Not now? Not anymore. How I lost my fear of death.


"We have only twenty minutes left to Brussels," I say, while a large piece of cookie is dropping out of my hand and dying somewhere under the driving seat. We have left Amsterdam and Zandvoort behind on our Europa Road Trip and are now roadtripping to Belgium. Two days later we will fly to Copenhagen and from there travel on to the Ruhr Area in Germany where I grew up and live. I'm excited. We will meet my family and friends. Or like my boyfriend says: "Doomsday is coming..."

It's 3 a.m. An hour and a half later, the alarm goes off. Three helium balloons are floating above my packed suitcase. Ready to surprise the most fabulous man in the world at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
For two weeks we will travel together through Europe. Amsterdam, Zandvoort, Brussels, Copenhagen and Germany. Here we go with part one of the story about infinity. Between airport-amok, stormy seas, adventure and lots of love.

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In 2017 I fulfilled my life's dream and travelled solo across the US for four months. From New York to Chicago, down the entire Route 66, through several national parks. Los Angeles, San Francisco and finally across the wild North back to the East Coast. I laughed, danced, cried and saw the craziest and most beautiful things. Here comes my little diary.

Indigo and her dog Zelda are living full time in a truck they converted into a camper. “Altogether we’ve been living this lifestyle for a couple of years now, and I stand firm in the belief that it’s the best decision that I’ve ever made.” She did not need to say it out loud. Seeing her sparkling eyes would have been enough. But it was a long and hard way to go.

Somewhere between the clouds and the falling streams I knew it: When I come back, my life will break apart. Implode. For eight years I was with my boyfriend. And then you realize that your dream isn't the dream of someone else. And that you only have two options: to lie to yourself and stay, or to follow your inner call and go. A month ago, I took all my courage and left.

It's January 1, 2018. I don't have a job, nothing works out and I feel like shit. Today is December 31, 2018. I have my own company, I have traveled for 11 weeks, broke up with my long-standing relationship, I have moved, I have found my soulmate. And only a few days before Christmas I bought a tiny home, into which I will move in early 2019. My euphoria-level is close to LSD. Who could have know that!?


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