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Munich. 70 degrees and a sunny day. Silvia and Thomas are pushing their bicycles into the street. The bikes look a little bit like packed camels. With two wheels instead of two humps.

Everything’s perfect for a little bike ride. It just goes from Munich to Tarifa. Andalusia. Spain. The southernmost point of mainland in Europe.
A story about finding back to nature and everything you've never dared to do before.

If there was a fire burning in my house now, all I would have to do was take my notebook, my camera, and a box full of personal letters and souvenirs - and I would have saved 90 percent of all things that matter to me.
This is an anthem to Nothing. And how “Nothing” allows me to do everything I always wanted to do.

I met Maria first in spring 2016. There she was planning on studying abroad in New Zealand for a while. But in the end her trip went much further than just to "down under". What started as a semester abroad ended up as solo trip across Nepal. Right between colorful fabrics, snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and great self-awareness.

I wish I could pack my bags immediately and go back on a plane. Or lock myself in my house to write a book about my adventure. But things like these are only possible in movies. In reality, I was surrounded by bills for my health insurance, my rent and worries about my CV. Only few people asked “How has your trip been?” anymore. Most of them wanted to know: “What are you going to do now?”

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Touring Oman by bike

Colorful and tiny are the tents nestling between the massive rocks. Palms are embellishing the background instead of wallpapers. Stars are glowing instead of a lamp. Right next to the scenery bicycles are standing in the dust packed with huge bags. Lutz Bothe and his friends are on a bike ride - across the Arabic desert country Oman.

Hot Springs in Yellowstone

“You want it darker, we kill the flame”. The deep voice of Leonard Cohen roamed through the car. A dark blue river plunked above yellow rocks right next to the car just to tumble into a deep nothing.

Indigo and her dog Zelda are living full time in a truck they converted into a camper. “Altogether we’ve been living this lifestyle for a couple of years now, and I stand firm in the belief that it’s the best decision that I’ve ever made.” She did not need to say it out loud. Seeing her sparkling eyes would have been enough. But it was a long and hard way to go.

Route 66 facts

Legendary road: If you’re looking for pictures about Route 66 on Google you’ll find red sunsets behind a horizon with a never ending street. But did you know that Route 66 does not even exist?

But here we go with five myths about Route 66 which are not true. I bet you’ll be surprised!

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