Road Trip Western Europe · 2019

Amsterdam · Zandvoort · Brussels · Copenhagen · Ruhr Area

March 24, 2019

Brussels, Copenhagen, Ruhr Area & Doomsday.

Copenhagen, lonelyroadlover, Europe Road Trip

"We have only twenty minutes left to Brussels," I say, while a large piece of cookie is dropping out of my hand and dying somewhere under the driving seat. We have already left Amsterdam and Zandvoort behind on our Europa Road Trip and are now roadtripping to Belgium. Two days later we will fly to Copenhagen and from there travel on to the Ruhr Area in Germany where I grew up and live. Where our Tiny House is waiting for us. I'm excited. Also because then we will meet my family and friends. Or like my boyfriend says: "Doomsday is coming..."

March 17, 2019

Amsterdam & Zandvoort: Van Gogh, Love and Sea.

Zandvoort at night, beachwalk

It's 3 a.m. The bright moon is shining annoyingly-romantically right in my face.  An hour and a half later, the alarm goes off. Three helium balloons are floating above my packed suitcase. Ready to surprise the most fabulous man in the world at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
For two weeks we will travel together through Europe. Amsterdam, Zandvoort, Brussels, Copenhagen and Germany. Here we go with part one of the story about infinity. Between airport-amok, stormy seas, adventure and lots of love.


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